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Dear Birth Family,

We want to thank you for the time you are taking to look at our portfolio. We also hope that you know that we admire your courage and willingness to choose a home for your baby. We know that this must be an extraordinarily difficult thing to do and we thank you for considering us. Above all, we want you to know that your baby would be loved, safe and unconditionally accepted within our family.

Who Are We?

Ethan is our five-year-old boy. He has blue eyes and blonde hair and an amazing smile. He has a wonderful ability to enjoy music and often asks about music he hears on the radio or TV. He has 13 cousins that are some of his greatest playmates. He loves playing outside, playing with bugs, and playing with Legos and blocks. He is very creative and often looks for “projects” to do. He loves keeping busy with all types of things-- usually some combination of play-doh, duct tape and paper. Ethan is very sensitive to the feelings and abilities of those around him. He often notices things around him that others might not see. He is very inquisitive and frequently asks when he will be able to have a brother or sister come to our family to join him. He is wonderful and we love him dearly.

(written by Rebecca)
Jeremy’s outstanding quality is how much he loves his son. They share the same love for “gadgets” and make videos with each other about all kinds of different situations and toys found in our everyday life. He is an amazing father and a true optimist. He loves to joke around with almost anyone. He is very playful and is very talented in working with children. He is a Pediatrician and in addition to his time spent in medical practice, he is pursuing some additional training in Child Psychiatry. He is 6’3” with blue eyes and light brown hair and has amazing dimples. Jeremy is a man of many hobbies including sports, playing the guitar and singing, working with/building/taking apart/fixing computers and electronic devices, wakeboarding and snowboarding and hanging out with his family. Jeremy is great at managing his busy schedule with things that are most important. Above all, his family and spending time with them are the most important things to him. As his wife, I am constantly amazed at the sensitivity that he has to people’s feelings--especially mine--and the desire he has to make those around him feel comfortable and loved. I am very grateful to be married to such a wonderful person.

(written by Jeremy)
Almost everything wonderful in our home can be attributed in some way to my wife, Rebecca. The thing I find most amazing about her is the depth of love and commitment she shows to our son Ethan. She has an endless amount of energy when it comes to time spent with him. He is a very smart little guy and I am convinced it is due to the countless hours spent playing, reading, singing and practicing letters, shapes and colors with his mom. She is a selfless mother and wife and her primary concerns have nothing to do with her own well-being, but with her son and husband. She graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree and worked for many years as a social worker helping children in need. She now enjoys staying home full-time with Ethan. She is a laid-back person who puts others at ease with her sense of humor. She has beautiful brown eyes and hair and is 5’ 10” tall. She enjoys music in many forms (she plays the piano, guitar, organ and violin), reading, cooking and spending time with friends and family. Beck is a very active woman. She recently completed her first triathlon. Involved in many sports when she was younger, she continues to pass her enthusiasm for sports, exercise, and over-all health to Ethan and me. Beck and I love each other very much. We were married almost ten years ago and the bond we share today is stronger than we could have ever imagined. We still love going on dates and spending time together. I can’t imagine life without my wife. She truly is the glue that holds our family together and I love her deeply.

Our family

As a family, we make it a point to spend quality time with each other. Whether that time is at Yellowstone Park, Disneyland, or going camping, the time we spend together is most important. We love traveling together and experiencing being outdoors. We all share a deep love for music and enjoy making music together. Music is almost always playing in our home. We are very united and active in our religious faith. It plays an essential role in our family unity and it bonds us together. We have large extended families who we regularly see. Most of our best friends are within our own family. Rebecca has 6 siblings and Jeremy has 2. Since our families live relatively close to each other, our visits home always include seeing both extended families.

It is our belief that families and homes should be environments where children feel loved and safe to express their unique abilities and personalities. Our jobs as parents are to guide our children to learn to make good choices and be helpful and caring to those around them. Because we have been blessed so much in our lives, we also want our children to learn to give back to the communities and people that are around them. Formal education is very important, but we also recognize that many useful and wonderful things can be learned outside of classrooms. We hope that our children see the world as a place where they can gather information to expand their minds.

Again, we want to thank you for taking time to learn some things about us. Thank you for doing what you believe to be best for your baby. We love the chance we have to be parents and hope that you’ll consider us as an adoptive family for your child.


Jeremy, Rebecca and Ethan

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